Projects funded

The Beatrice-Caterina Zai Foundation has so far funded the following projects, among others:

Girls Orphanage in Myeik, Union of Myanmar
Focus project of the Zai Foundation
Infrastructure (housing, water, sanitation, energy supply), general livelihood


Saving the lady’s slipper – a wild orchid returns
Film on biodiversity and nature conservation by the Swiss Orchid Foundation,German version, free access for educational institutions.



School ship on the Rio Napo in Ecuador
Organization: Cuisine sans Frontières
The inhabitants of the indigenous communities along the Rio Napo are trained as hosts in practice-oriented courses on a school ship. The courses enable the graduates to find a connection in the emerging eco-tourism industry with their own offers or to get a job in one of the larger cities of the region.



Training and equipping kindergarten teachers in Swanetia, Greater Caucasus, Georgia
Organization: Pro Mestia Georgia
Within the framework of seminars, kindergarten teachers from the region are brought together, supported by experts and provided with school materials or jointly develop didactic materials. The seminars follow a holistic approach and also advise the participants in their difficult life situation.



Practical training as part of a garden project for the disabled at Lamb Hospital, Dinajpur, Bangladesh
Organization: Lamb Hospital, Dinajpur, Xaver and Beatrice Ambauen-Berger
Attached to the hospital is a workshop for the disabled, which also takes care of the garden. The handicapped, who have hardly any chance for a job in the ordinary labor market, are trained with simple skills, which enables them to do simple jobs and later on to get paid work outside the hospital. A working environment is created in which young disabled people are encouraged and given an opportunity to learn. Through this work they are also better integrated back into society.



Bridging program for needy students in Yangon, Union of Myanmar
Organization: Center for Vocational Training, CVT, Yangon, Division Education for Youth, E4Y
Young people, most of whom are unable to attend state school for financial reasons, are prepared for secondary school or practical apprenticeship training in a four-year course. The day school emphasizes professional curricula as well as personality and health development.


Difficult medical procedures for children from all over the world
Organization: Terre des Hommes, Children’s Home LA MAISON, Massongex
With the support of the sponsor cross-country skiing in Langis, Obwalden, treatments of children by specialists in Switzerland are made possible. The doctors work on a voluntary basis and the home looks after the patients until they can return home.



Milk centrifuges with solar energy drive for nomadic women farmers in the Himalayas
Organization: Association Dhrala, Biel, Switzerland, and partner organizations in the Himalayan region
The milk centrifuges allow the women farmers to process milk better and provide new income opportunities. The nomadic families are also supported in marketing themselves as small entrepreneurs. In addition, the solar plant provides electricity for a cell phone, often the only connection to “civilization”.