Foundation Board

The Foundation Board represents the Foundation externally. The Foundation Board makes the strategic decisions and is responsible for the awarding of the grands in accordance with the deed of foundation.

Bea Zai decd., Founder 

Born 1941 in Lucerne, many travels to all continents. Leader of the school secretary in Kerns and freelance journalist for newspapers in Central Switzerland. Local culture and the advancement of women are very close to her heart. Bea Zai passed away on November 11, 2021 in Kerns.

Dr. sc. nat. Karl Kiser, President

Born in 1951, from Sarnen, retired biology teacher.
Certificate for sustainable development from the University of Bern.
10 years head of vocational training projects in Myanmar.

Andreas Bucher, Member of the Foundation Board / Finance Division.


Born 1949, from Kerns, retired. 40 years head of finance department in the community of Kerns, Switzerland.

MLaw Chiara Larentis, Member of the Foundation Board / Legal Department

Born 1990, from Giswil, lawyer and notary public.

Ruth Greter Huser, Member of the Foundation Board / Administration Department

Born 1954 in Ebikon, from Kriens, retired merchant, during her professional career she was active in development cooperation and education in the penal system